For over 30 years, at the Tribute to Great Montrealers reception, the Board of Trade has been recognizing the outstanding achievements of luminaries in economic, cultural, scientific and social life who have contributed to Montréal’s development and reputation. Every year, nominating committee members propose leaders worthy of joining the academy. They submit a list of four names for each of the four nomination categories to academy members. The new Great Montrealers are then selected by vote.

The Constellation of Great Montrealers

The Constellation of Great Montrealers is a permanent site that pays tribute to academy members. It has been inaugurated on Novembre 22, 2012 as part of the celebrations for the 190th anniversary of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal, with the support of its founding partner, BMO Financial Group. Every year, Montréal luminaries elected by the academy will be inducted into the Constellation. Having their name at this site and on the website testifies to their accomplishments and allows Montrealers and visitors to get to know the people who have shaped our city.

Nonimation categories

  • Social

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